What You Should Expect

When listing your home for short sale, there are a two ways to start. List with a Realtor or Sell to an Investor. Depending on which option you choose will make this an easy process or a hard one.

When selling to an Investor the process for a short sale is pretty easy on your part and takes out the time frame of trying to find someone to sell the property to. In essence this first step is done because you chose to sell to an Investor.

Many short sales are based on the fact that the property owner has a house that is in disrepair. Usually the property owner does not want to put more money in the property before they sell it. An Investor will have the ability to fix all the issues whether cosmetic or bigger with your property. In most cases where a distressed property is listed by a realtor the property end up being foreclosed upon anyway. The main reason for this is the timeframe needed to find a buyer for the house that is in need of repair. This is not the specialty of Realtors. Most Realtors will only take listings that are what they call "Retail Ready", meaning ready for a buyer to purchase and move in shortly thereafter.

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