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Anthony Biagi

Anthony Biagi is the owner and operations manager of Help with Houses. He was born in Redwood City, CA and was raised in South San Francisco. He moved to the Reno/Sparks area at the age of 19 and purchased his first house in the same year. He recognized the potential to make a living by purchasing homes and renting them out to qualified and responsible tenants. He attended Truckee Meadows Community College and the University of Nevada, Reno for business administration. While pursuing his education he purchased and managed multiple rental properties. In 2005 he accepted a position with Academy Mortgage and soon learned that those with real estate properties were in for some tough times ahead, including himself. Shorty thereafter, he was offered an opportunity to take a position as a branch manager for a health insurance firm in Tampa, Florida. He accepted the offer and relocated to Tampa. Due to his tangible success at his new position as branch manager, the top insurance producer in the country offered Anthony the opportunity to start his own health insurance agency. While creating his business, the value of his properties in the Reno/Sparks area continued to dwindle. He had a difficult time distinguishing his options while away and could not hang on to his rental properties. He became increasingly determined to learn all that he could about the options provided to homeowners in trouble. Although it was too late to save his properties, he could still help those close to him that were in a similar situations. He was able to help some friends and family from making the same mistakes and they were able to move on from their house problems. Anthony believes that everyone deserves the necessary information to help troubled homeowners save themselves from what could be the worst situation of their lives. His knowledge and expertise is now in the public domain, accessible to all who are interested free of charge. Please feel free to download his new e-book "Navigating the Foreclosure Storm and Underwater Mortgages" via the link below. He is also available for private consultation via email at or telephone at (775) 393-9478.