The Homeowner Blueprint is your HOW-TO Guide to:
-Understanding the last decade in Real Estate.
-Evaluating your current homeowner situation.
-Educating you on ALL your potential options.
-Show you examples of others in similar situations.
-Help you create an Action Plan for how to proceed.

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Home Bluepreint

Mission Statement

Help With Houses intends to serve as an educational resource to consumers needing direction while going through what we call "House Problems".

What to expect when using our service?

We will set a time to come by the property and speak with you. When we arrive we will first get acquainted and make sure you understand that we are only here to help you "Navigate the Foreclosure Storm". We will ask some questions regarding your "House Problem" and of your situation financially. After working together to fillout your balance sheet we will go through all of the Options that are available to You. We will explain them thoroughly even if we are there all day. This will be very Informative and interactive. We expect you to ask a ton of questions, We will answer all of them. Our goal is to make sure you really understand the options available, as you will have to make a big decision on how to proceed forward.

At this point, most of our clients are pretty sure what they need to do. If so, Great! We will discuss it and see if there is anything you might have forgotten. Then we will help you put together an action plan so you can accomplish your New Goal. If you still don't know what to do, we will give you our Professional Opinion on How to handle your "House Problem" and follow through with the action plan.

Help With Houses does work with many investors that will purchase your property from you if that is what you desire. We have a large network in this area of Professionals that may be able to help you accomplish your goals. We do not hesitate in recommending a qualified person to assist you as you see fit.